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Education Program Coordinator

As TECHEDIFY's Education Program Coordinator, you'll manage and facilitate cutting-edge tech education programs, ensuring their smooth operation and engaging directly with students to inspire technological creativity and proficiency.
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Education Program Facilitator

As TECHEDIFY's Education Program Facilitator, you'll guide high school students through an 8-week tech program, teaching cutting-edge tools like generative AI and no-code development, and inspiring them to create impactful tech solutions.

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Techedify (originally EmpowerTO) was founded by education and tech leaders to fill a market gap with high-quality, project-based programs using advanced tech tools. Our unique curriculum blends cutting-edge technology with practical problem-solving, aimed at preparing students for future jobs and fostering creativity. Today, Techedify continues to innovate, dedicated to providing top-tier learning experiences.
"Techedify is at the forefront of making tech easy and accessible for all. Our work centers around bridging the widening skills gap in students and empowering professionals through the power of generative AI and other emerging tech tools. 

Join us. Be part of a team reimagining life with advanced technologies - a life where people spend less time on routine tasks and more on meaningful achievements. Together, we can spur innovation, foster equity, and inspire change."

Joseph Baek

CEO, Techedify